Hickory Leaf was founded by Cheryl Stahl in 2005. It all began in Texas when her granddaughter was born and allergic to all formulas. They discovered goat milk as a healthy alternative and so she bought her first goat! Cheryl quickly began learning all of the amazing benefits of goat milk and spent the next 4 years growing this new devotion of hers. Over the years, Hickory Leaf has enjoyed being involved in many competitions. In 2009, they brought their Texas line up to Montana and have been here passionately expanding for the last 9 years!

High quality is very important to us. If we need new blood lines, we only buy from clean herds, take the homeopathic approach with our animals, and are always looking for new ways to improve our herd.

Cheryl has years of experience with using homeopathic alternatives on her herd, including natural antibiotics and cough syrups, herbs, tinctures, oils, and beeswax.

We are thrilled to have passed another year of testing; CAE, CL, and Johne’s- Free herd! Here at Hickory Leaf, we take pride in being a clean herd and are constantly striving to keep it that way!


Along with their udder capacity, and conformation we choose our dairy goats from the top dairy goat breeds considering production of rich goat milk with a high butterfat yield in mind. We think these are the most important qualities needed for show, ability to carry babies and for awesome cheese, ice-cream and yogurt and taste. We also milk test our does in order to increase the excellence of our breeding program. We have had our goat’s milk place in the top ten and in advanced registries concerning the amount, quality and butterfat (approx. 7-8%) We also have goats who have received a star for milking which when earned can show a generational excellence for milk quality which is a great show of an animal’s ability to produce milk and kids that have potential for great herd improvement.