Have You Tried Goat Yoga?

In the spring, we have lots of baby goats! They’re so fun to watch and so fun to play with that we decided to start goat yoga classes. Goat yoga consists of you, your friends, one instructor and lots of little goats running around and playing. We have a side yard where we usually set up. We provide the yoga mats, the instructor, the goats, and the sanitizer wipes. You do not need to know how to do yoga, just come and let the goats jump on you and entertain you while you laugh and enjoy the company of others.


It’s hard to take life too seriously when there are baby goats involved. When was the last time you had a furry farm animal cuddle up to you on a yoga mat? Or hop on your back in plank position? We trust this will be a very unique experience.


Recently, the Mayo Clinic published an article siting the benefits of pet therapy and here at Hickory Leaf we couldn’t agree more! Our goats are such happy distractions for anyone that meets them and we want to share their silly antics with all of Missoula.


WE PROVIDE THE MATS! Our furry friends will poop and pee wherever they want and they love to eat and paw at the mats or your clothes. This is why we provide your mats so that you can just have fun and play.


Yes! The goats are nice, they love to play and be pet. They usually won’t nibble or paw people. But they have been known to jump on you, all part of the fun in Goat Yoga! They just love attention.