The Nubian goat breed was created from a combination of Great Britain, Middle Eastern and North African milking goats. They can be distinguished by long floppy ears and what is called a "Roman” nose. Nubians are also a dual-purpose animal. They provide the highest butterfat milk of the standard breed of dairy goats (approx. 7-9%) and many people use them for meat. Nubians have a moderate disposition and they love to be involved in every conversation. In other words, they love to talk. They are also great show animals and work well on farmsteads!

Hickory Leaf Painted Lady.jpg

Hickory Leaf SK Painted Lady

Sire: Reuel Kiras’ Sir Kellen *B

Dam: Reuel JFT Tassel

DOB: 4.21.2017


Hickory Leaf ST Gazer

Sire: Hickory Leaf Sir Tailor

Dam: Simply Rustic Tru’s Fancy

DOB: 4.26.2017

Hickory Leaf Creme Brulee.jpg

Hickory Leaf SK Creme Brûlée

Sire: Reuel Kira’s Sir Kellen *B

Dam: Reuel Tais’ KEL Paisley

DOB: 4.18.2017